Xiaomi introduced Mi Water Purifier

On Thursday, July 16, the next "big day" of Xiaomi products.

Many people expected announced to July an updated phablet Redmi Note 2, but it don’t came to the stage. But Chinese leader electronic company brought to the eyes of fans and admirers of quality electronic equipment items from the Xiaomi’s “smart home”:  Mi TV2S and Mi Water Purifier.

Let’s consider the second device.

The problem of clean water is acute in many countries, but in China it is extremely urgent. Xiaomi last year (when they appeared the first rumors about the device) studied a ways to create an inexpensive means for effective water treatment. And finally it presents a small device, that purifies the water, according to the highest standards.

How does it work?

The basis of the device are 4 filters, each of which performs its task, economical pump, and a water channels of the unique design, which allowed us to make the device compact.

Let's start with the filters.

The first filter, filled with cotton wool, clears liquid from the tap of the large particles, rust, algae, sand, and other additives with relatively large dimensions.

The second filter is filled with granules of activated carbon. Passing through it, the water gets rid of chlorine additives to kill the odor and other chemicals.

The third filter performs biochemical protection. It purified water from antibiotics, bacteria, heavy metals, microorganisms and other impurities that are comparable in size to water molecules.

At this stage, the purified water stream is divided into two arms: one filled with waste filtration is in the so-called "Concentrate." The second takes the final cleaning of the fourth filter with activated carbone granules.

"Concentrate" can be used as process water - to wash it, wash the floors, watering flowers.

Mi Water Purifier has the highest efficiency if compare it to other water purifiers. It cleans half of inflowing water, while the industry standard is considered 35%.

Water Purifier from Xiaomi is very productive: in continuous operation, it could produce up to 76 barrels of pure water in a day.

The reason for this efficiency, is the unique design of water conduits, in which water moves in 5 directions on 4 levels, with no hindrance to the free flow.

Mi Water Purifier can be easily installed on the crane. Purifier has six adapters that take into account all the major construction cranes in the world.

Water Purifier from Xiaomi has its own "intelligence" as all "smart" devices in the ecosystem of the Chinese company.

The Cleaner communicates with smartphones running on Android or iOS by Blueooth and allows its owner to control it, even remotely over Wi Fi.

With the application, the tools included in the MIUI firmware, an owner can enable or disable a device, monitor the filter status and usage statistics and order new filters directly from the application.

The perfect addiction to Mi Water Purifier is  Mi TDS Pen, the device for monitoring water quality.

The device is similar to an electronic thermometer. But , it is able to measure the water content of heavy metals, organic materials and water salinity estimate its overall purity, except of the temperature.

Mi TDS Pen not supplied with Mi Water Purifier, it must be purchased separately.

Water Purifier from Xiaomi - beautiful, functional and space-saving device. It is compatible with any home and bring into the house a health and longevity of its inhabitants.

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