Xiaomi introduced 'smart' shoes

As long as the presentation of a new TV, and "smart" water purifier, issued by the Xiaomi on Thursday, July 16, in the lobby of the concert hall supervisors presented another product of the Chinese leader in the electronic.

Rumors about the upcoming premiere of "smart" sneakers walking among Mi-devices fans for a long time, and here they are confirmed.

Together with the Li-ning, one of the largest manufacturers of sports shoes in China, Xiaomi released sports shoes, stuffed with electronic sensors.

Obviously, the basis for this product was the technology, already applied in Mi Band, Xiaomi’s fitness bracelet.

What parameters will be monitored by sensors, it is still unknown. However, we can say for sure, that all the data will be transferred to smartphones via Bluetooth, and processed by Mi Fit application.

Most likely, it will be tracking, count the number of steps, distance and calories burned. Perhaps the new parameters will be added to expand a Mi Band possibilities.

The first two models of "smart" sneakers by Xiaomi and Li-ning was named "Li Chun" and "Red Rabbit."

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