Xiaomi has invested $ 68 million in software developer Kingsoft

"Xiaomi has became the owner of a software developer Kingsoft share" - informs the The Wall Street Journal newspaper.

It is known that Tencent Holdings has sold Xiaomi about 35300000 shares owned by Kingsoft, which corresponds to 3% of their total number. At the same time Xiaomi acquired these shares at a discount of 5.7% compared to their market value. Closing of the transaction is scheduled for late January.

Note that Xiaomi's CEO Lei Jun combines his post with the management of Kingsoft, where he used to be a chairman. June has a 29.9% stake in the company. This investment has become one of the first for Xiaomi after attracting $ 1100000000 from investors when the company was valued at $ 46 billion.

In addition, earlier this year it was reported that Mark Zuckerberg and Lei Jun held talks on investment from Facebook to the Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi. However, after a business dinner with Zuckerberg in Beijing in October last year, nothing concrete has been done.

To date, the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi shows significant progress. In 2014 the company sold more than 61 million smartphones, earning him $ 11,97mlrd revenue. Market share accounted for Xiaomi is 5.6%.

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