Xiaomi is building an industrial park in Beijing

One of the fastest growing company in the world, Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi intends in the next two years to build its own industrial park in Beijing.

Almost half a year ago the company received a permission from Chinese government to build a large research and production facility in the capital.

And so, recently ceremony of laying the first stone took place at construction site of Xiaomi-center. During the event, the entire executive staff of the company had to pick up a shovel and to lay a foundation for the future complex.

Buildings and recreational areas will occupy an area of ??220,000 square meters. The complex will consist of eight buildings (“8” in China is considered as a lucky number), among which will be included research laboratories, office buildings, and perhaps production facilities. Now Xiaomi, as it is known, produces its products at the plants of major OEM manufacturers such as Foxconn.

Buildings of the center will create all conditions for productive work: offices, manufacturing facilities, research laboratories, sports facilities and space for creative work and relaxation.

Technology parks, similar to this one are already available in large Chinese companies such as Huawei, Lenovo and others. Xiaomi project shows the company's willingness and ability to become one of the largest manufacturers of electronic equipment in China and the world.

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