Xiaomi Is Gearing up to Start Sales of Doctor B Bass Method Toothbrush

China’s dominant tech company, Xiaomi, continues to root deeper in our life. Its committed team of professionals monitors our safety and well-being through a range of smart devices. Who else, other than Xiaomi fans, has a wise daily support from a personal sports instructor, a cook, a security squad and a doctor? Tracking our habits and changing them for better is at the heart of the company. Even little habits, like teeth brushing, are a matter of great concern.

For those, who like to take advantage of new technologies, Xiaomi offers Soocare X3, a sonic electric toothbrush. If a vibrating motor is something you think you will not fall for, then opt for a manual toothbrush that Xiaomi recently came up with. How something simple can be so complex at the same time?

set of 4 toothbrushes is what a user gets paying much less than a price of an average iPhone app. Each toothbrush is packed into a separate hard case. It is very convenient if you want to give one out as a present or have it with you on a road trip. Given that you are recommended to change toothbrushes once in three months the set comes in handy.

When it comes to materials Xiaomi kept things interesting there too. German quality brush handles are made with the anti-bacterial coating with silver ion implantation that inhibits bacteria growth, and the bristles were produced in Japan using a patented technology. Three kinds of bristles on each brush are supposed to provide better cleaning for every tooth.

Xiaomi works hand in hand with many renowned designers. This time it collaborated with an artist, who designed the look of 2008 Summer Olympics torch. The toothbrushes look neat. For those who use hanging toothbrush holders, they have anti-slip rubber bands. As they say: “Little goes a long way”.

Sales are expected to start in January 2017.

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