Xiaomi launched a PMA Graphene Smart Therapy Belt

It is good to know that the standards of living are improving, the pace of life and thus the pace of changes are accelerating, yet the pressure is increasing. People, especially young generation, who sit at their office desks year after year, are usually suffering from back pain and muscle tenderness. If we do not pay attention to how much time we spend in a sitting position and do not introduce fitness breaks into our working schedule, it is possible that our waist will be aging faster.

What is the strongest material known to man? Diamond? Steel? No, it is graphene. Graphene is a supermaterial from the future and is literally named as "the new king of materials". It is made of carbon and is harder than diamond and stronger than steel. It is super flexible and is a better conductor than copper. For chemists and physicists, experiments with graphene allow to understand the fundamental properties of matter. For engineers and designers, it opens up new opportunities to design unusually light and stable structures. Specialists in electronics and computer specialists are captivated by the fact that it conducts an electric current almost without loss.

Scientists predict that graphene will revolutionize the 21st century. This is the material Xiaomi used in a PMA Graphene Smart Therapy Belt. It is the first warming belt from the company. Typically, such kind of product is useful for those people who have different spine diseases. In such a way, to achieve a healing result, the belt should be used only in complex treatment. If you are suffering from muscle spasms in your lower back muscles, make an appointment with the therapist. And only after a thorough examination and identification of the cause of the pain, the specialist will prescribe the treatment, which may include wearing a warming belt.

PMA Graphene Smart Therapy Belt sends 6~14 μm far infrared light waves that help to improve your body micro-circulation, reduce muscle pain and keep the body part warm. It is recommended to wear it on top of a T-shirt, it is super light, and its thickness is a little more than a coin.

Despite the fact that it has electronic parts, the belt is very easy to take care of. It can be washed in the washing machine, however, avoid dry cleaning. It has a special pocket for the battery, which can be easily pulled out from it. By the way, the battery can be used separately from the belt, for example, to recharge other electronic devices that have a USB port. It has two connectors for different types of charging (from the network and USB), and two USB connectors for connection to the belt or other devices. To turn it on, press the button on the belt.

The last but not least prominent feature of the belt is that can be used by pregnant women, however, under the strict guidance of the doctor.

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