Xiaomi proclaim its first game controller

The Xiaomi Company from China shudders game industry leaders. After the successful presentation of advance Mi4 smartphone, Mi managers looked to a gamers market. A few days ago, Mi Company unveiled the new game controller.

It is designed to work with the company tablet Mi Pad and smart TV MiTV.  First 300 happy byers be able to buy the device at September 25 by special price of 16 US cents. What about regular price, it is not known, as the number of protocols supported by the device.

The game controller has a special design, that more similar to the Xbox gamepad, than the Playstation one. However, it is unlikely Mi Company going to compete with giants of industry. The device in a first head will control MiTV or Mi Pad as a game console. No one knows about plans of Mi Company to develop its own game device.

Despite this, Mi is a most fast growing company on the gadgets market. It was start three years ago with two mid-ranged smartphones, and now Xiaomi is the top seller among newcomers on market. 

 Now the line of its products contains not only smartphones and tablets, but also many other devices, such as gamepad and so on.

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