Xiaomi Launched The Crowdfunding Campaign For Faucet Water Purifier

Water is essential to our body. Do you know the quality of the water you drink every day? Today there is a lot of equipment that can help to control it — stationary water purifiers, filter kettles, etc.

Recently MiOT crowdfunding platform has launched the fundraising for Faucet Water Purifier by Ecomo company.

This product is really easy to use. It installs on your faucet and doesn’t occupy much space. The device not only purifies but also monitors the quality of water. This is one of the coolest features of the model.

There is a special LED ring, the color of which shows the real-time water quality. There are four colors that indicate next:

  • Blue — the monitoring is under the process
  • Red — poor water quality
  • Yellow — fair quality
  • Green — excellent water quality.

In order to view the effect of purifying and monitoring the user can bind the device to the smartphone via the APP. All the monitoring results will be shown in a special menu.

The rotary adapter is easy to install. Moreover, if the water quality is good, you can stop the water filtration easily, by rotating a special switch.

What is inside?

The device uses a carbon composite filter, that shows triple adsorption performance to compare with other brands in this segment.

Are you ready to use water anytime you want without a fair for your health?

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