Xiaomi Launches a Smart GPS-Watch and a Smart Guitar

Remember when you were much younger your parents would always want you to be home by a definite night time or asked you to stay in their sight. And all you wanted was to stay out as late as possible or explore other locations. Today children are steaming with curiosity and energy just like you were then, but, luckily, parents have found peace of mind about where their youngster is with a help of different electronic gadgets. Xiaomi presented its own vision of how parents can keep an eye on their kid and keep it safe.

This is Xiaoxun Kid’s Phone Watch — a watch with built-in GPS. It looks like a tiny copy of a smartphone, which youngsters might like. Choosing its color is a pleasant dilemma. You can have it in blue, orange, red or green. The smart watch is made out of hypoallergenic plastic with silicone straps. It is hermetically sealed, which protects it from the water. The wristband also features a 1.44-inch touchscreen that covers 65 thousand colors.

The wristwatch offers 2G, 3G, and 4G coverage. A Nano-SIM card enables it to function as a one-way cell phone so the child can only respond to incoming calls and only read text messages. For any emergency situations, there is an SOS button. The watch also sports a 420 mAh battery that lasts about 4 days of average use.

All of the controls are made by means of a companion app, which parents should have on their smartphone. From there they can check the current position of their child and create a safe zone. If the child moves outside that zone parents will receive an alert.

What can be special about a guitar? There are so many of them that we rarely find ourselves getting too excited about a new one. But that is what you will exactly do when you see Populele Smart Guitar. Xiaomi says it will teach you how to play the instrument in 10 minutes! When it comes to size the guitar bears a strong resemblance to the Hawaiian 4-string Ukulele. Ukulele combines well with flower strings around your neck, while Populele comes with a more functional decor — the LEDs.

There are 72 LEDs on the fretboard, telling you which string on what fret to press to play the chord. Supposedly, a complete beginner will be able to play an easy song after about 10 minutes of practice. There is a companion app with more than a 100 of songs and lessons to help you master the guitar faster. Your smartphone needs to have Android 4.3 and above and iOS 8 and above to install the app.

The guitar is powered by an 800 mAh battery, is Bluetooth-enabled and comes with a carrying case.

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