Xiaomi Mi 8 REVIEW

Xiaomi officially released its new flagship smartphone last week. The expectable Mi 8 model was presented in three versions: Mi 8, Mi 8 SE and Explorer Edition. But today we will talk about the Mi 8.

There were a lot of questions about Mi7, but as we know Xiaomi decided to skip this model and launch the 8th-anniversary model. It is worth to note that Mi 8 is one of the most powerful smartphones in the Xiaomi model line. So, let’s start our review.


In our review, we have the version 6/128GB in black color.

The model comes in the solid box with classical minimalistic design.

When we open the box we see the guest of our review. It uses the AMOLED display, produced by Samsung. The contrast ratio is 60000:1 with brightness up to 600nit. Both the color and the contrast are eye-catching.

The screen size with 6.21 inches diagonal looks quite wide. Rounded edges make the device look more harmoniously.

The bottom side has the dynamics and USB Type-C port. As you can see there is no audio output. But this is not the surprise because many modern smartphones don’t have any audio output interface.

The SIM card slot is situated on the left side. In the package, there is a special needle for inserting the SIM.

On the opposite side, there is a power key and volume switch.

To compare with the traditional matte metal texture in the previous models the new one has the glass back panel. It feels softer and looks stylish. On the back panel, you can also see the fingerprint sensor.

Talking about the packaging — Xiaomi provides users with a lot of accessories. For example, we have the transparent protective case, the headphone adapter, and power adapter with USB cable.

The power adapter supports the 18W charge.


As we know the model is supplied with Snapdragon 845 processor on board. It is equipped with Kryo architecture and capacitive 3400 mAh battery.


The model has the same camera module as its predecessor Mi MIX 2. At DxOMark it has got quite a good result (99scores) that makes its camera competitive to the iPhone X.

The main camera consists of two 12MP sensors produced by Sony. It has the four-axis stabilization and the AI support. The camera is positioned as professional Portrait Dual camera

Talking about the front camera it’s an ultra-high resolution 20MP sensor with large pixel technology. It allows the user to make great selfie shots with bokeh effect. The camera support AI beauty mode with great post-editing tools, especially face plastic (3D modeling).

To prove the quality of the camera let’s take some photos.

Shots in Daylight

Shots in Nighttime


So, Mi 8 is a quite interesting model at the attractive price. This flagship device can become a serious competitor to the popular models. It’s the first Android Smartphone with IR face recognition.

And we forgot to mention that it has dual frequency GPS that provides the user more accurate data. As we can see Xiaomi continues its tradition of making great devices at an affordable price.

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