Xiaomi Mi Electric Kettle – Simplicity Plus Quality

Recently Xiaomi has announced a new model of Xiaomi Mi Electric Kettle. High-quality of assembling and materials provide you a long-work device at your kitchen. We remember how popular was the predecessor of this model MiJia Smart Temperature Control Kettle produced by the same Mijia company.

 Mi Electric Kettle full size

The materials are really durable. Inside it is made of stainless steel (type 304 — ideal for kitchen and household devices due to its resistance to corrosion and sanitizing effect). The body material is plastic. Thanks to that construction and material decision this kettle have a thermal conduction features because inside the device the temperature can be about 100 degrees, but outside it will be only about 40 degrees.

 Mi Electric Kettle full view

The thermostat is made by a famous British company STRIX that is the № 1 kettle controls manufacturer in a world. That’s why Mi Electric Kettle will work for a long time (about 10000 times of usage)

 Mi Electric Kettle STRIX Thermostat

 Mi Electric Kettle inside

The lid of the kettle can be open at 30 degrees but if you need more you can open at 75 degrees to easily put water or clean the device. Special LED indicator will show you when the device is working or not. The capacity is 1,5L and the power is 1800W. The size dimensions are 216×152×252.

The plug of a power supply is well-designed with the triple level of protection. That’s why you shouldn’t afraid of electrocution.

Mi Electric Kettle — budgetary model that will always ensure you hot tea in cold autumn or winter evenings.

 Mi Electric Kettle in a box

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