Xiaomi Mi Mini and Nano Router: Compact and Stylish

Another novelty from the company Xiaomi - home router, which despite its size is so powerful that it will help you to control the rest of Xiaomi gadgets.

If you are the owner of Mi WiFi Nano router, you are incredibly lucky, because Mi Nano, is one of the most powerful WiFi - devices that are released by the company and this device will help you monitor these gadgets: MiTv, Yi CCTV Camera, Mi Smartplug, Mi Smarthome ( all gadgets of smart home), air purifier Mi Air and others.

You can even control them outside of your home, while you are at work or on vacation.

Mi WiFi Nano router can work in 2 ranges - from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz, by the latest technology 802.11ac Wi-Fi, as well, this device is equipped with two antennas that send a strong signal that passes through walls and any other obstacles.

Mi WiFi Nano router is the smallest router in the world today and almost no way inferior to its "big brother" - Xiaomi Mi Mini router.

Xiaomi Mi Mini, will also help you to control all your electronic gadgets at home, but unlike Mi WiFi Nano, Xiaomi Mini Router - supports streaming video (movies). Simply connect your hard drive to the back of the router, using USB slot and enjoy watching.

One of the main features of Mi WiFi Nano router is the ability to recharge novelty from Xiaomi Mi Powerbanks, for example, battery capacity of 10000mAh can provide up to 30 hours of uninterrupted operation of "little" router.

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