Xiaomi Mi Note 2 & Mi Mix Comparison: Who's in Charge?

Mi Mix and Mi Note 2 were one of the most anticipated Xiaomi smartphones in 2016. They hit the market simultaneously and both gained traction right away. In this article, we will dwell on their main differences as well as best sides and will update you with their hottest new colors revealed on the CES 2017 show floor. You can see Mi Note of first generation here.

Display is a deal-breaker

6.4-inch display of Mi Mix is the main thing its whole design revolves around. To provide a bigger screen area Xiaomi had to transform all the elements of the front panel. All changes were not in vain as the smartphone broke a world record with its 91.3% screen to body ratio and received a unique 2040×1080 screen resolution.

Mi Note 2 has something to boast of too. Although the size of its 5,7-inch display does not have a “wow” factor, its AMOLED technology, comparing to IPS LCD matrix used in Mi Mix, ensures wider color gamut (110%) and more accurate color rendition.

Mi Mix Mi Note 2
6.4-inch display, IPS LCD 5.7-inch display, AMOLED
2040×1080 pixel resolution 1920×1080 pixel resolution
94% NTSC 110% NTSC
178-degree viewing angle 178-degree viewing angle
91.3% screen to body ratio 77.2% screen to body ratio

Performance both earn applause for

Mi Mix and Mi Note 2 both carry a high-profile quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, clocking at 2.35 GHz, paired with Adreno 530 GPU and 4G LTE modem. In its high-end version Mi Mix houses 6 GB RAM + 256 ROM and Mi Note 2 packs 6 GB RAM + 128 ROM.

Mi Mix Mi Note 2
4/128 GB, 6/256 GB 4/64 GB, 6/128 GB
Snapdragon 821 (2.35 Ghz) Snapdragon 821 (2.35 Ghz)
Adreno 530 GPU Adreno 530 GPU

Camera: clash of pixels

Mi Note 2 has a whopping 22.5 MP rear camera capable of recording Full HD 30fps video. Maximum resolution brings 5488×4112 pixels. Mi Note 2 also has electronic image stabilization (EIS) and 8 MP front-facing camera.

Mi Mix is stuffed with many photography features as well. And its 16 MP does not harm its chances to become even better than the other as it enables to capture 4K UHD video at 30fps and does HD in slow-motion with its rear-facing camera. For selfies, there is a 5 MP front shooter.

Remember, having a good idea and skills can beat any technology.

Mi Mix Mi Note 2
Rear-facing camera — 16 MP, front-facing camera — 5 MP Rear-facing camera — 22.56 MP, facing camera — 8 MP
4K video capture Full HD video capture
HDR mode HDR mode, Electronic image stabilization (EIS)

Battery capacity: numbers vs. reality

Both smartphones sport beefy lithium-ion batteries, supporting Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. One board of Mi Mix there is a 4400 mAh tank and Mi Note 2 has a 4070 mAh one. Although Mi Note 2 has a bit shallower battery it does not mean it will manage to do less if the smartphone is used to its fullest. Mi Note 2 is well optimized to offer a comparable battery performance.

Mi Mix Mi Note 2
4400 mAh 4070 mAh
Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0

Physique: lighter means better?

Owing to AMOLED-display, which is the thinnest among all types of displays, Mi Note 2 is lighter than its opponent — it weighs only 166 grams. In its turn, a uniquely constructed Mi Mix does not lose its compact size and feels good to carry too.

Mi Mix Mi Note 2
Height: 158.8 m Height: 156.2 mm
Width: 81.9 mm Width: 77.3 mm
Thickness: 7.9 mm Thickness: 7.6 mm
Weight: 209 g Weight: 166 g

CES 2017 surprises

Mi Mix and Mi Note 2 were first announced of in October 2016. Following into modern color tendencies, Mi Mix got a full black chassis. Its Exclusive Edition carries 18K gold rim around the rear camera and fingerprint sensor. Mi Note 2 was released in deep black and blue-gray.

But thanks to CES presentation that took place in Las Vegas at the beginning of this year we found out that Mi Mix is also going to have a pearl white counterpart and Mi Note 2 is due to be released in emerald green, purple and pink also.

Mi Mix Mi Note 2
Black, white Black, blue-gray, emerald green, purple pink
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