Xiaomi Mi Pen — Details About the First Ballpoint Pen from Mi

Xiaomi has unveiled another product of MiJia line, the Mi Pen. It is a cute pen without any WiFi or Bluetooth modules and smart features. At first glance, it is an ordinary pen, but before its creation Xiaomi has conducted numerous experiments and tests, each detail and part of Mi Pen is designed for a reason, based on the most successful user experience.

For example, the thickness of Mi Pen is 9.5 mm, such a diameter is considered to be the most optimal for the prolonged writing, and a pen of this size prevents the rapid fatigue of the hand. As for appearance, the Mi Pen is available in black or white color. The main body material of Xiaomi Pen is polycarbonate.


Inside the novelty there is a rod from the well-known Swiss company PREMEC, it is made of tungsten carbide and slides smoothly over the paper surface. The ink in the pen produced by the Japanese company Mikuni, they dry quickly, which prevents the occurrence of streaks and water stains on the paper. The pen is automatic; in order to open the rod, you just need to turn its top 120 degrees.

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