Xiaomi Mi Powerstrip Review

Power strips and extension cords have stayed relatively the same for decades. The idea has been simple since their inception — create a way to extend a power socket and allow multiple devices to plug in at the same time. Over the years companies have added fuses and surge protection to power strips, but the idea has stayed the same.

Xiaomi has seen fit to improve the humble extension cord by adding a couple of new features to it that gadgets of today demand. The Mi Powerstrip has 3 power sockets and 3 USB ports. Having USB ports directly on the power strip allows consumers to simply plug in their USB cables directly without needing to use a separate charger which is a HUGE thing, especially when you can’t find said charger for your phone/tablet or whatever device that need to be juiced up.

In addition, the USB port is equipped with 2.1A quick charging technology, though this works when only one 1 USB port is used. When all three are active, the strip supports a total of 3.1A. On the inside, the terminals are made out of Phosphor bronze while the connecting bars are made of copper. The outer case is made of a fire-resistant material which can withstand up to 400 degrees Celsius of heat. It has round anti-slip rubber on the bottom to prevent slippage.

Of course, the Mi Powerstrip isn’t a proper power strip if it didn’t come features that all comparable high-end power strips do. It comes with overload protection (10A) as well as the other bells and whistles that we mentioned before.

Probably the only downside is that the sockets aren’t made for the PH market, so when you buy it you’ll have to buy an adapter for the socket. Priced at a mere RMB 49 in China which converts to roughly Php 360 over here, the Mi Powerstrip is a pretty good investment for folks who own multiple gadgets.

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