Xiaomi Mi Qicycle Mountain Bike – Smart Bicycle by Low Price

Have you ever dreamt about a cool bike, which would allow you to ride in the city and conquer the mountains? But when we are talking about this kind of bikes they are always too expensive. But recently Xiaomi launched a new Mi Qicycle Mountain Bike budget bicycle with smart functions.

New model joined the bicycle family of Xiaomi and is now available at crowdfunding platform. What are the main features of this vehicle?

First of all, you should pay your attention to the body material and the build quality. The frame is made of aluminum but this model is low weight— just 13.6kg. But there is one limit because it withstands about 100kg. The frame length is 1040 mm and full dimensions of the Mountain Bike are 1650×235×785mm. It is equipped with the 11-speed transmission on handlebar produced by famous Japanese company Shimano. It specializes in the manufacturing of bike components and rowing equipment. Moreover, the company holds a 50% share in the bicycle component world market. So you can trust its quality. This bike has a 27,5-inch wheel, powerful hydraulic damper and disk-brakes produced by Shimano.

This bike is not 100% smart, but its capabilities will surprise you. If we compare it with latest model QiCycle R1, it also has an onboard computer but without the display. It supports LBS, GPS и AGPS. If you want to use this feature, you just need to insert a SIM-card. GPS module will help you figure out your position and the distance passed.

Mountain Bike easily synchs with your smartphone via the application. You will be able to monitor your level of activity and also will be able to see battery charge level. Moreover, you can setup a distance alert. It will inform you when you leave the permissible distance you previously chose. Your bike is under your control.

This module works thanks to built-in 2600mAh battery with USB-charging port. The manufacturer says that it will work on a single charge for about 15 days (if you use it every day for about 2 hours). The charging time is about two hours and what is interesting you can charge it with a help of powerbank.

This bike is ideal for mountain trips and other activities out of the city where the roads are not perfect.

Xiaomi Mi Qicycle Mountain Bike is a combination of high-quality and stylish classic design. And what do you think about this exquisite black color? The bike has all the features of the non-road bicycle, but with a smart system. With this bike, you will be able to conquer every mountain.

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I got this bike. I downloaded app already. But i could not connect the bike with app via scan barcode. And one more,how to insert the sim card. ?

is this bike available in Indonesia?

I got this bike. I downloaded app already. But i could not connect the bike with app via scan barcode. And one more,how to insert the sim card. ?