Xiaomi Mi TV 4 – the visual paradise

Xiaomi is not only famous for its smartphones but also for its TVs. At the worldwide exhibition of consumer electronics, Xiaomi presented a new generation of TVs — the model Mi TV 4.

The ultra-thin screen, intelligent control system, powerful Dolby Atmos sound support, smart Patchwall function and the price tag that is lower than all similar competitor products. This is a good reason for buying Mi TV for your home cinema.

Design and technology breakthrough

Over the past two years, Xiaomi has made a significant breakthrough in the design of their devices. First, it was the world’s first frameless smartphone Mi MiX, whose design was undeniably revolutionary.

Second, Mi TV 4 came out with a thickness of the body like a coin that totally hit all the competitors.

Xiaomi designers say that it was a very hard work. In the course of 5 years, they managed to reduce the thickness of Mi TV’s body from 20 mm to 4.9 mm.

Another feature is the splitting the image and sound into two devices. The screen gives a sense of infinity even with the sides of 1.5 cm, 1 cm above and 2 cm below. This can be considered a quite wide width, but with general 1.5 m size (65 inches diagonal), they look insignificant.

The blue metallic frame only emphasizes the subtlety of the Mi TV screen.

Sometimes many people mount the TV on the wall and don’t care about the thickness of the screen. But when you want to mount it on the special stand this question will become very important because it can save some space in the interior.

Rear panel, laconic and qualitative

Very often the rear panel of the TV looks not presentable as you want. But if we are talking about Mi TV 4the rear panel is just as perfect as the whole TV. Laconic design and exquisite materials make the back panel an element of a beautiful design.

The back panel of the TV is a solid metal array and the control elements and electronic boards covered with a plastic cover. It is safe and aesthetically pleasant. If the TV does not hang on the wall, it’s nice to look at it from all sides.

Quality: true 4K, visual paradise

Mi TV 4 uses Samsung’s 65-inch screen with a resolution of 3840×2160 supplemented by Xiaomi own elaboration, such as support for high-tech HDR dynamic rendering technology and the color gamut with a 85% coverage of NTSC.

Many manufacturers still use the RGB color technology, but the display with this color range is only about 72% NTSC. Mi TV 4 brings technology with a lot of vibrant colors and complies with modern screen standards.

The screen has a viewing angle of 185 degrees and is equipped with the technology of absorbing harmful blue light, so your eyes will be under protection from tiring, and every detail will look clear from different angles of view.

Hardware performance, sound power

It well-known model Mi TV 3 the engineers embodied the idea of a divided TV.

Removing the motherboard processor, power supply, and video accelerator helped to reduce the weight of the TV and improved the electrical signals interference and general image quality.

In addition, a separate hardware part can be used with other devices, such as home theater, projector, etc.

The technical characteristics of the soundbar are the next: Memory — 3 GB of RAM and the 32 GB of internal memory, quad-core Cortex A53 1.8 GHz processor, Mali-T830 video accelerator.

Low power consumption and support for multi-BLE Bluetooth devices, such as Bluetooth headset, mouse, keyboard, game console, audio and other equipment.

You can play online games, play 4K video with real-time decoding, the player can play RM, FLV, MOV, AVI, MKV, TS, MP4 and other basic video formats.

The sound features of Mi TV 4 deserve a separate paragraph. In the Home Theater Edition set, the device includes an independent 10-speaker system: the left channel, the right channel, the central channel and two complementary panoramic sound channels, plus two wireless speakers and a subwoofer. All the accessories together make up Dolby Panorama’s 5.1.2 home theater.

But without the addition of acoustic speakers, the soundbar sounds very good, because it has a stereo speaker system with midrange speakers. When you connect the subwoofer, you can also get a home theater on the usual TV.

The Dolby Panorama gives a surprisingly wide scene, where each instrument has its place in space and in the frequency range. You can even hear such details as the sound of the fingers playing the strings or the vocalist’s breath.

The combination of the Mi TV 4 and the Dolby Panorama is the best choice among the all possible.

Artificial intelligence, voice control

The biggest difference between a smart TV and a traditional TV is the presence of an operating system and elements of artificial intelligence. Intelligent TV interacts with the viewer.

The PatchWall system (Xiaomi development) examines the user’s habits, preferences, and builds the program for each member of the family.

You won’t have to look for your favorite programme in a list of the channels anymore, the PatchWall will do it instead of you.

Mi TV 4 has a handy control panel with voice commands. This remote can work not only with Mi TVs but with 1200 different devices. The console understands the voice commands and can perform them, switching channels, looking for the desired program by turning the devices on and off.

The TV is part of the Smart Home ecosystem and can be the center for managing air purifiers, water, lighting, air conditioners, robot vacuum cleaner, rice cooker, etc. They can be controlled even by the voice commands via the TV interface.

Mi TV 4 65`` is a high-tech device that combines hardware strength, unique design, artificial intelligence and a wide range of media resources.

This is the best offer in the field of smart TV.

Mi TV 4 can become a real window to the future in your home!

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