Xiaomi MiJia 360 ° Panoramic Camera - You Won't Miss Any Details

When we are talking about panoramic cameras, many users worry about worth it to buy or not? If you travel, and even if you do not, if you just love to shoot moments of your life and share them with the audience, if the day does not pass without any photo, then the answer will be definitely “yes”! But even a few years ago the virtual reality camera seemed to be something from far away and unattainable, just like a personal computer in the previous century.

Now the panoramic camera is available to everyone in terms of price and in terms of overall dimensions. Indeed, there are models for more professional shooting (a large device equipped with a dozen cameras), but today we are talking about a small portable camera that you can easily be put into your pocket — Xiaomi MiJia 360 ° Panoramic Camera.

This new product from the Xiaomi Ecosystem hides a huge power in a fairly small body (the dimensions are only 78 × 67 × 24 mm). But, despite such dimensions, a powerful Ambarella A12 processor is installed inside the camera. This productive processor allows you to shoot 360-degree video with a resolution of 3456 × 1728 and a frequency of 30fps, and optionally change the mode to 2304 × 1152 (60fps), while the maximum resolution of photos is 6192 × 3456 pixels. A powerful battery (capacity 1600 mAh) will allow you to continuously shoot the video approximately 90 minutes.

High-quality photos guaranteed by two built-in sensors IMX206 from Sony with viewing angles of 190 degrees. As a result, thanks to the oppositely directed lenses, the camera captures the entire surrounding shooting area. This shape of the lens allows you to select three types of shooting in the settings: flat mode (photo with a flat horizon), spherical mode (shooting with the fisheye effect) and planetary mode (creates a “ball” effect, like a small planet in the center of the frame on which is the subject of the shooting).

The camera model is designed in such a way that it reduces errors and reduces any “joints” and “seams” when conjoin content from both cameras.

Also there is great news for fans of extreme sports. Thanks to the built-in 6-axis stabilization system on video, there won’t be any sharp jumps and “shaking”. The camera has IP67 protection class, so it is not afraid of dust and water. So if you suddenly drop it into the water, you do not have to worry, the camera can survive a brief immersion into the water.

The kit also includes a small tripod so you can permanently place the camera and shoot. It can also be folded and then it turns into a comfortable handle, thanks to which the camera is conveniently held in the hand for shooting in motion.

But that’s not all. Because there is no built-in screen in the camera, you need to download the application to see the world through the camera’s eyes. Now the application is not only in the Xiaomi store, but it can also be downloaded on Google Play. Synchronization with the smartphone takes place via the built-in Wi-Fi module. Setting up shooting modes and uploading photos to your gadget can be done directly through the Mi Sphere application (so you do not have to search for the application for a long time, you can just read the QR code from the camera body).

This perspective gadget has already become available to order for residents of Hong Kong and Taiwan. Stay close to them. Now you also have the opportunity to share with friends all the atmosphere of everything that happens around you. A small compact panoramic camera Xiaomi MiJia 360 ° will become the ideal companion for your travels.

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