Xiaomi MiJia 360° Spherical Panoramic Camera: A Little Goes a Long Way

MiJia 360° Spherical Panoramic Camera turned out to be quite impressive. Being such a comparatively small device (78×67.4×24mm), it ships with a powerful Ambarella A12 processor and two 16MP Sony IMX206 cameras with a 190-degree viewing area.

Each camera shoots 3200×1800 photos, 2456×1728 videos at 30fps as well as 2304×1152 at 60 fps. The chassis offers protection from dust and short water submersion, which significantly improves its versatility of use. The camera also comes with a built-in 6 axis gyroscope that works amazingly good!

In addition to that MiJia 360° Spherical Panoramic Camera is equipped with a 1600mAh battery and has a memory card slot. Here is how the device is packed.

To squeeze more functionality out of the camera, you need to download the Mi Sphere app to your smartphone using the QR code and then synch the device via Wi-Fi.

If you combine the resolution of two cameras, you get the 7K quality picture!

The full MiJia 360° Spherical Panoramic Camera review is in the making. We will update this article with the link to that very soon.

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