Xiaomi MiJia Airwear Mask — a Newcomer to the Anti-Pollution Mask World

The air quality in China is getting worse and anti-pollution masks became a wardrobe staple piece. Xiaomi announced another air filtration gear called MiJia Airwear Mask. It will reduce harmful inhalation in polluted cities, also filter out small particles found in fog and haze.

What makes it different from the previous mask is that it was designed especially for people in China. Xiaomi mentioned having made a number of scrupulous researchers on head and face constitution of Chinese people to design a universal mask for everyone who wants to buy it.

Airwear Mask was made out of elastic material with a leather-like finish. From the inside, it has a pleasant-to-touch antibacterial lining.

three-dimensional design and two straps permit a tight fit, creating a seal against wearer’s face so that no air can sneak through the sides, airflow being limited to filter only. The mask itself is health-friendly as it does not contain glue.

Its filtration system allows capturing 98 % of microscopic particles floating in the air. Bacteria, pollutants, car exhaust and many other elements smaller than 0.3 mcm are neutralized. The mask can be worn for 8 hours and then filter cartridges should be changed.

It will come in three colors: light gray, black and red.

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