Xiaomi MiJia Car Air Purifier — a New Air Purification Device That Lives in Your Car

Air pollution problem remains sharp in China. Luckily, local authorities are not the only problem fighters: various renowned electronics brands are trying to break into the Chinese market with their solutions. However, Chinese are counting on Xiaomi. The reception of its home-based air purifiers, Xiaomi Air Purifier and Xiaomi Air Purifier 2, was quite impressive there. People even started to carry it around in transit. It is unclear if Xiaomi was already in the process of creating a more portable air purifier before the incident or was inspired by it, but recently it came out with a car purification device, developed by its sub-brand MiJia. For those, who use underground or buses, there is MiJia Air Wear Anti-Fog And Haze Mask: black, white and red.

Technical characteristics:

  • Size: 112×112×380 mm
  • Purification capacity: 60 m3/h
  • Car interior volume (recommended): 4,2 — 7,2 m3
  • Touchscreen display: none
  • Power supply: 6,5 W, 12 V
  • Interfaces: Bluetooth 4.1

Mi Car Air Purifier is very compact to be able to occupy not much space behind the rear headrests. From the back of the car, as Xiaomi suggests, it will provide better car ventilation. The purifier makes use of high-quality H11 Torey filter, previously fully adopted by laboratories, where hygiene requirements are very strict. The filter is quick and easy to replace, so you can do it yourself in less than 10 seconds.

This car air purifier as its home counterparts is effective against harmful PM2.5 particles, liquid droplets, pet hair and eliminates unpleasant odor in the car. Forget those “little green trees” that only mask smells, but not remove them. Filtering 60 cubic meters per hour, it will clean air in 3 minutes inside an average car, in 5 minutes in an SUV and in 7 minutes in a commercial van.

What also counts as a big plus is its silent mode. Emitting only 42 dB of noise, which is less than your kitchen dishwasher, it allows to make phone calls or have a peaceful conversation with a back-seat passenger.

To monitor PM2.5 concentration level, set the air purification speed or see if the filter should be replaced you need to have Mi Home app, as Mi Car Air Purifier Black does not have its own control buttons or touch screen. It does not have a battery either and relies on your car’s power.

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