Xiaomi Ninebot Mini Review

Upon open up the box there is a white plastic bag filled with manual, product brochures and safety tips. For those who plan to buy it i strongly suggest please read carefully before you playing around with this scooter.
After we removed the plastic then we can see the main body of the scooter.
In this box, we have screws, charger screwdriver and other accessories.
We need to install the scooter ourself as the main body and other components are separated in packaging. It's very easy as the manual is clearly illustrated.
The EVA material used is really very comfortable when we step on it. It will absorb shocks when riding on the road and anti skid too. You can wash it easily with water and the direction pointing shows the direction you should face.
Ok now lets look at the main body of the scooter, we have the power button which uses OMRON technology and completely sealed. It has a IP54 protection so we do not worry the power button will spoil due to raining.
Then the white LED display board will auto change the brightness according to surrounding.
Here is where we charge the battery, we can see in picture 2 there is a cap protecting the charging port.
The only screw we can find in the scooter is under the main body itself. This greatly enhance the appearance of the scooter.
The distance between the ground and the body is just 9cm. Ninebot mini can be easily used in normal road. Of course don't try to be funny bring and use it in mountain or waterfall area.
Here is the headlight of the scooter which is sensitive to light of the surrounding. It will automatically adjust the brightness by turning on and off depending on the surrounding.
That's all for today unboxing review, hope you like it!
Highlight of Ninebot Mini
- Speeds of up to 16km/h
- Climbs 15°inclines easily
- Compact, lightweight, shoulder-width length
- Weighs 12.8kg fits easily in the trunk of a car 
- High capacity battery pack, 22km in a single charge
- Smart phone controls
- Aerospace-grade magnesium alloy infrastructure 

Some questions raised :

Is this scooter safe
The scooter itself is very secure within its design scope so you can use it without any hesitation. However please make sure you follow the instructions on the manual and avoid doing some risky action. Don't ride this scooter into vehicle's lane and always wear a helmet as safety precaution
Can we ride this scooter during rainy day?
Although our scooter are designed with waterproof but we do not encourage you to ride it during rainy day. This is due to during rainy day the visibility decreases and your scooter might run into the potholes which might cause you lost balance and got injured.
What are the requirements to ride this scooter?
The age (16-50) height must be within 120-200cm , maximun weight 85 kg. Do not ride after consume alcohol or had medicine!
What is the weight for this Ninebot mini scooter?
How fast is 16km/h?
Well, this is the speed of riding a normal bicycle which is approximately 4 times faster than walking and 3 times the speed of brisk walking
I am 85 kg. Does that mean i cannot ride this scooter?
It's still okay to ride on it as we tested this scooter with a staff which weight 124kg. However please be careful when you handle it. Do not brake or accelerate out of sudden. The capability to climb up the slope decreases but there is no problem for normal usage on smooth road.
Can we sit on the scooter when we are riding?
Who to contact if i am facing problem with my scooter?
Please contact our customer service and we will send our technician to your home.
Any legal action would be taken if i ride this scooter? Do we need a license?
So far there is no law regarding the usage of scooter. You may consult your local authorities and we suggest you to always follow the law and don't ride into public road. In western country scooters are allowed just like the bicycle
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