Xiaomi plans to start selling in Brazil and India

A few days ago CEO of Xiaomi Lei Jun said that during the next 5-10 years the company will be among the world’s largest manufacturers of high-quality smartphones. To make this vast scheme come true the company plans to start selling its products at a reasonable price outside of China.

Xiaomi aims to create its own manufacturing on advanced foreign markets. Xiaomi’s Vice President Hugo Barra, who is fully responsible for global market, is optimistic about this idea. He also claimed that in 2 years Xiaomi will start production in Brazil, as well as in very promising India. On this occasion the company is now consulting and negotiating with the largest OEM-manufacturers Foxconn FIH Mobile and Inventec.

Today Xiaomi focuses mainly on Asian market. However, this is just the first steps to the cherished goal of becoming the world’s best smartphones' manufacturer.

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