Xiaomi Presented the New Useful Device - Smart Electric Screwdriver Wowstick-1fs

Xiaomi presented the new useful device for home and work, which many of us will appreciate.

It is Wowstick-1f, smart electric screwdriver with an elegant and modern design, simple and convenient to use.

Boxes with frosted plastic box embedded paper manuals and product-related information. Through half frosted plastic boxes and paper specification can have a simple understanding about Wowstick-1f electric screwdriver.

Wowstick-1f electric screwdriver contains electric screwdriver, 6 common screw heads, and a screw head extension rod.

Electric screwdriver weight 166g, feeling in hand just fine.

At the rear of the frame is the removable battery installation. Rotate to remove the rear battery cover, you can load two No.7 battery, up to 24 hours of continuous operation power. When replacing the battery, the battery cover does not screw too tight.

Regular maintenance of electronic products geeks knows screw head extension rod very important. For occupying the ground floor space for those small screws, extension pole is the best weapon to deal with them.Screw head extension rod handling same as a screw head, you can direct pull and put in.​​

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