Xiaomi Presents Its Own Version of Thomas the Train

This world-famous toy was made by a very charismatic Englishman, Wilbert Audrey, in the middle of the 20th century. Initially, the image of a funny train with a smiling human face appeared in a children’s book that told about the adventures of several train.

Wilbert admitted that the idea to create such a character dates back to his childhood days. Being a little boy, every night he heard the noise of trains passing by his house and he imagined what they would look like had they unique faces and characters.

The image of Thomas and his friends was very much to the liking of British kids. Based on the book of Wilbert Audrey cartoons were made, later post stamps with smiling Thomas appeared. Very soon, Thomas was loved by the whole world.

In our time, the popularity of Thomas does not go away. For example, in Japan, they even have lollipops with the faces of the heroes of Audrey’s stories!

Xiaomi could not keep its distance from the story and released its own model of Thomas the Train. The toy consists of the locomotive and one hopper car.

Your child can put sand into the train’s toy engine pipe and through a special hole, all the sand will pour out of the outside. In addition, this funny toy is equipped with a small water wheel. Everything to diversify your child’s games!

Thomas the Train is made of a combination of three materials: ABS-plastic, polypropylene and thermoplastic polymer.

Keep your kid entertained with this fun and colorful toy that has been played by children around the world for over 70 years.

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