Xiaomi Purely Air Purifying Respirator Mask - Protects from the Danger That Threatens Everyone

It’s not a secret that today the quality of fresh air in big cities isn’t very good. Industrial wastes, gas contamination, smog and other problems of modern megalopolises make our lungs suffer. This is especially true for people suffering from allergic reactions, bicyclists, scooter drivers, shooters in a shooting gallery and even for people who simply decided to make a repair in their own house.The cinders, soot, the smell of paint, the smallest solids — every day, without knowing it, we breathe a huge amount of harmful air, which can be detrimental to our health. Xiaomi with Purely invented a gadget that could protect us from this danger! It’s a protective mask Xiaomi Purely Air Purifying Respirator Mask.

The Purely mask has a very cool stylish design and quite unusual construction. It’s made of high-quality polyester, equipped with a multi-layer replaceable filter.

Moreover, it’s equipped with a small fan that turns Xiaomi Purely Air Purifying Respirator Mask

into a personal air purifier. A great example of the functionality and comfort of Xiaomi’s innovative technologies!

It’s hard to imagine, but this mask with the fan, capable to filter the smallest harmful solid particles of PM2.5 class and weighs only 50.5 grams with the overall dimensions of 75×37×12.5 mm. The fact that the fan is equipped with a battery for recharging, increase a respect to the Chinese brand engineers who make it in such a minimal weight.

The fan operates at three different speeds, the produced noise is quite low. Also, if desired, the owner can turn off the fan. Wearing of the mask is very comfortable — it sits tight and doesn’t press. The device can be adjusted for a different size of the head, thanks to a special rubber “holders”, which are attached on the nape.

It’s difficult to overestimate the benefits of the combination of “passive” KN95 standard protection filter with an active cleaner-fan. In addition to reliable cleaning, the fan will supply to the owner a personal stream of fresh air, which is excluded in classic protective masks. Such innovation will be especially evaluated by cyclists and allergy sufferers. Xiaomi Purely Air Purifying Respirator Mask will be able to save them from stuffy, dirty or air with flower pollen.

If you still think that wearing the mask is “not accepted” or “inexpedient” in your country — it’s time to get rid of such erroneous stereotypes. Our health should be protected in all available ways! Especially, in such comfortable one like Xiaomi Purely Air Purifying Respirator Mask.

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