Xiaomi Qicycle Children Bike – Your Child's Dream

For many of us, riding a cycle is associated with childhood. These impressions about your first cycling experience... Do you remember the wounded knees or elbows? It is usual for everyone, who are trying to ride a cycle. But what if we tell you that you will be able to ride a bike without any wounds? What about starting your first training when your child is two years old? Do you think it’s impossible? We don’t agree with you.

Now we are talking about child’s bicycle, which was announced on crowdfunding platform Xiaomi. Maybe everyone of us has ever heard about famous Xiaomi bikes like Xiaomi QiCycle R1 Black and QiCycle MiJia. So this new child’s bike is a work of the same company.

Why should you pay your attention to this model? Firstly it’s a debutante of Xiaomi in category „Bicycle for child”. You can’t find in it any electronic components or ability to synch with your smartphone. But these functions aren’t necessary for your child, are they? It’s just a usual bicycle with a high level of safety.

To begin with, even two-years old child can use it. Maybe you want to ask how is it possible? This bike is a transformer. It means that when your child, who can’t ride with pedals, wanna use it, you just can take them off. It will allow you to start training earlier and learn how to keep balance. When you realize that it’s a time to try more options, you will be able to attach them again during 5 minutes. And you can continue training in a new way.

Also, it is important to pay attention to the body of the bike. The details are made of high-quality materials due to standards. There aren’t any sharp edges and on the frame, you can see foam protection layer. Handles are strengthened by a non-slip base. The anchorage with a chain is safely protected, so your child won’t be wounded. The seat has a form with a special amortization effect to keep child’s spine in safety. The bike handlebar has a special back handbrake, which brakes slowly without any tugs. The bicycle can handle the weight no more than 25kg.

Also, the manufacturer recommends to put on a special helmet to protect your child.

Xiaomi Qicycle Children Bike will become an ideal friend for your child and will give him a big amount of positive emotions. Thoughtful ergonomics will protect from wounds. Two modifications will allow starting training in early childhood.

In general, Xiaomi has made a high-quality bicycle with a bright and practical design. It can become a good example of child’s bicycles in the Xiaomi’s line.

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