Xiaomi Redmi 1S is the sales leader

Xiaomi Redmi 1S is the sales leader on today's market

Xiaomi (or Mi, as it named after rebranding) Company became one of “big whales” on a gadget-selling market. Mi took fifth place in top sellers rating.  

The mid-level smartphone Redmi 1S took the fourth step on a stairs of fame of a best selling smartphones in the world. This perfectly balanced device with good performance, design and attractive price has become a beloved gadget for millions of Asians. For example, in India Xiaomi was selling to 40 000 devices in a week.

Redmi 1S showed a good selling results also in Europe, especially in the East of it, where people love a smart balance of a price and productivity.

A management of the Xiaomi Company was so impressed by results of marketing success, and decide to develop a new flagship model of the Redmi line.

New Redmi obtain eight-core MT6595 processor, 3 Gb RAM, 5,5-inch display, capacious 3500 mAh battery and LTE 4 G support. In addition, the rear camera resolution will exceed 20 Mp.

The price of the new Redmi will range from 150 to 250 USD, and be almost lowest on the market of similar devices.

Xiaomi’s top smartphone of this year is the excellent Mi4. It easily compete with best smartphones of famous brands, even with the new IPhones.  However, its price is about 500 USD, and stay out of competition.

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