Xiaomi Released a Simple Kitchen Shelves Kitchen Organizer

Xiaomi pleased us with various devices for the kitchen more than once. Both smart and conventional, but at the same time indispensable for a comfortable life. These are cutting board made of rice husks, and stylish dishes, and classy cutlery. This time, for the joy of all perfectionists, the company released a kitchen set consisting of several stands and organizers Xiaomi Simple Kitchen Shelves. Kitchen organizer from Xiaomi will put everything in its place — in the set, there is a stand for spices, for cutlery and for cutting board.

Everyone who is even slightly interested in Asian culture knows how much attention Asian people pay to every little detail: everything should be in harmony and emit positive energy. Often cooking takes place in a hurry, because there is not much time, and you need to do a lot. Kitchen organizer will help reduce the time to find the right spice or time for cleaning because everything will remain in its place. One detail can stylistically combine all kitchen utensils, and also help to maintain order if you are a real organizer type of person.

All elements are made in a single minimalist style, already so familiar to all Xiaomi fans. Snow-white metal base and wooden handles. The set looks very stylish, so it can easily fit into any interior.

The size of the stand for spices is 21.1cm length, 10cm width, and 20.5cm height.

Taking into account the wooden handle on the stand, up to 4 jars can fit in, depending on their size — the perfect containers is about up to 9 cm in diameter and 18 cm in height. The weight of the stand is 586 grams.

The stand for cutting boards has two section, two boards can fit in it. Thanks to this stand boards will not touch the surface of the table or each other, which will provide additional protection against the mold or any bacteria that harm the surface of the wood. Stand for boards is very compact: length — 12 cm, width — 10,4 cm, height with handle — 16 cm.

One department has a width of 1.5 cm, the second — 2.4 cm. The weight of the product is only 320 grams.

The cutlery tray has a round shape. Its diameter is 10 cm and its height is 14 cm. The upper part of the stand is bisected by a handle, but it does not limit the height of the instruments that can be placed in it, it can even be a long wooden spoon. The lower part has small holes through which water can merge if you have just washed the instruments and put them on a stand. The weight of the product is 310 grams.

With the help of Simple Kitchen Shelves, we always have order and cleanliness in the kitchen!

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