Xiaomi Released Paper Towel Alternative — Bamboo Napkins Made by Wuro

MiJia’s crowdfunding platform continues to amaze its fans with the product ideas. Another kind of product we came across recently we thought we wrote off as boring long time ago. Apparently, we should not have, especially when Xiaomi is still around not only injecting innovations into smartphones and action cameras and air purifiers etc., but also finding ways to improve simple things, like napkins. These are Wuro Antibacterial Bamboo Napkins — strong, durable and absorbent. 

They are made of natural bamboo fibers. And here is what you should know about bamboo: due to a special substance contained in its structure, it never decays, no matter where it grows, be it a swamp, a dirty river or a damp forest. That is why bamboo napkins have antimicrobial properties, any bacteria that try to live on its surface die within one day. Outside of that bamboo fibers are strong, but soft and they are gentle to the touch. 

Wuro Antibacterial Bamboo Napkins are approved by the FDA, received AP (USA) and EOS (European Union) quality certificates. A test, conducted by the Center for Microbiological Analysis in Guangdong, has proved that these napkins can remove up to 98.78% of Staphylococcus bacteria and up to 99.35% of E.coli bacteria.

You may wonder why Wuro Antibacterial Bamboo Napkins have such an odd color. They are brown, which, according to Wuro, is how originally napkins look like if they are not treated with bleach and other harsh chemicals. Besides being antimicrobial, these napkins are suitable for sensitive skin. Thus you can not only clean dishes with it or wrap food in it, but also wipe your face with it or wipe baby skin.

What else is interesting about bamboo fiber in the Wuro Antibacterial Bamboo Napkins, it is highly hygroscopic. It can absorb moisture 4 times faster than cotton and 1.6 times more moisture. To that, you do not need to tear sheet one and then throw it away. Each sheet of Wuro Antibacterial Bamboo Napkins can be cleaned with a help of a washing machine and then used again. If we consider that there are 460 napkins in the set Wuro offers this is very convenient. 

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