Xiaomi — the World’s Largest IoT Platform

At the MIDC Xiaomi IoT 2017 Developer Conference, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun and Baidu’s President and COO, Mr. Lu Qi announced the extremely important news.

Now their companies begin to fully and in-depth cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence development.

And that’s not just it! Also, Lei Jun said that Xiaomi is the world’s largest intelligent hardware IOT platform to date. An extremely important step for the further development in this direction, Mr. Jun believes the transformation of the current Xiaomi IoT gadget software into an open platform, accessible to other developers!

According to the head of the Chinese corporation, around 85 million different Xiaomi IoT gadgets are used in the world. In total, the company has created approximately 800 diverse smart devices, both independently and in partnership with various companies and start-ups.

As you can see, Xiaomi’s ambitions are growing every day. And it’s wonderful both for the company and for all of us!

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