Xiaomi took the 1 place in the category of satisfaction of consumers

Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) it is independent Spanish organization on the protection of consumers, founded 1960 to the year. OCU cooperates with more than 250 organizations, in 120 countries of the world, creating powerful international motion, to help, protect and extend rights for consumers in the whole world.

The other day OCU conducted questioning more than 11000 users in Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Brazil and Italy in a category the best smartphone at the active use. Smartphones were estimated on such points:

  1. Simplicity is in the use
  2. Quality of pictures
  3. Quality of display
  4. Noninteraction of accumulato
  5. Resistant to scratches

According to a survey Xiaomi took 1st place in the category of customer satisfaction.To say that a company Xiaomi is successful, means to say nothing.To date Xiaomi leader in the Smartphone market of China, is the third largest producer Smartphones in the world and at the moment of its firmware MIUI used by more than 100 million people.

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