Xiaomi uses the most durable glass in Mi Note

Xiaomi one of the first companies, that used the most durable glass of fourth-generation 3d GorillaGlass in the new smartphones Mi Note and Mi Note Pro. Whatever was only done by the Chinese with these smartphones: shot from automats, gave to the enraged crabs on eating, blew up, and all in an order to prove high durability of Мi Note.

The most vulnerable mestome of all smartphones is glass, what can’t be said about Мi Note, in that 3d is used Gorilla Glass. This glass is worked out by a company Corning, that to date, one of most popular at the market. At development of GorillaGlass 4 in a company Corning made an effort be concentrated on the greatest threat are falling. Her engineers investigated hundreds of the broken devices and broken displays during development of Gorilla Glass 4 with the purpose of determination of "heel of Achilles" last. That as a result it was succeeded to discover to the specialists of Corning, is not a large surprise for ordinary consumers: mostly a contact with a rough hard surface like an asphalt or concrete closes for smartphones very deplorably.

The researchers of Corning had to revise the internal tests on durability and bring in corresponding changes. In particular, they thought of another new test on durability with the use of sandpaper with a grittiness 180 units for mimicing of rough surface. During the Crash Test of device with protective glass of GorillaGlass 4 and competitive decisions dropped from the height of one meter. Glass of Gorilla Glass 4 succeeded to show the twice best result as compared to material of Gorilla Glass 3 and other hard-tempered aluminosilicate glasses.

To date GorillaGlass 4, is one of most durable, that is used in a production for smartphones and plane-tables.

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