Xiaomi Wi-Fi+ or Wi-Fi signal booster!

On 10th of June Xiaomi introduced a new router and released Wi-Fi signal booster.

According to Xiaomi official statement, signal booster Wi-Fi+ can be used with Xiaomi routers to increase signal coverage area.

Xiaomi Wi-Fi+ has a very compact size and is very easy to use: simply connect Wi-Fi+ into router’s USB port, and then it will automatically sync, and booster is ready for work. Xiaomi Wi-Fi+ is able to increase signal coverage area for ??up to two times!

Wi-Fi+ will be sold at a price of 39 Yuan ($6), but the date of when sell starts is not yet announced.

But the good news are that today is the beginning of registration of users, who will participate in the testing of this toy. 100 lucky people will get them to test free of charge. Beginning of home beta-tests means that the new product will be available in the near future, maybe even already in the next month!

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