Xiaomi will release its own processor in 2016

According to the latest information, the company Xiaomi very intensified and serious attention to the development and establishment of their independent, powerful and productive chipset.

In the past, Xiaomi has already conducted similar experiments with one of the Chinese manufacturers of chipsets, which was used in the budget smartphone Redmi 2A (chipset used Leadcore LC1860, which is not inferior chipset - Snapdragon 410), and as you know, the result was really impressive.

Application chipset Leadcore, significantly reduce the cost of the smartphone Redmi 2A- almost $ 80 realize and more than 5 million. Units of this device.

Already in 2016, we should see a new development chipset Xiaomi.

Today Xiaomi depends on companies such as MediaTek and Qualcomm, but when the new development will be realized, Xiaomi can easily keep track of your hardware and sell the world on their smartphones by price - lower than the average.

Surely, Xiaomi is not going to give up entirely on the top products Qualcomm and it is possible that the new flagship will be equipped with Xiaomi Mi 5 Snapdragon processor 820.

The company Xiaomi has not yet officially reported the development of a new generation chipset, but it is expected, as many modern smartphone makers (Apple, Samsung, Huawei), seriously reflect on the creation of their own, original and most powerful processors, to strengthen its position in the market.

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