Xiaomi Yeelight Table Lamp: Make Your Reading and Studying Experience More Comfortable

Today a simple desk lamp is probably one of those few things that remain on our tables at a workplace or at home even if we rarely sit at a desk. It contributes to the comfort of living in two ways: complements the style of the room and plays a big role in creating the lighting ambiance with the help of its size and strength of the light. If you are searching for a table lamp, pay attention to the Yeelight Table Lamp.

It has an elegant design that makes it a great match for the modern home. The stem of the lamp features a metal hose. After 10000 bends its performance will be still great as ever. Yeelight Table Lamp also boasts impressive rotation capabilities: its head can turn 360 degrees to light just where you need it. 

This lamp is also supplied with a micro USB charging cable so that it can not only be used as your daily desk lamp but also carried with you wherever you need to go. You can take the cable out and use its battery power, which is especially helpful in places where there is no access to electrical outlets. Yeelight Table Lamp has a built-in 2000mh lithium battery, which can power the lamp for around 5 hours at normal brightness. As you can see, this lamp has a lot more uses in comparison with a normal corded desk lamp.

A unique design of its lampshade offers a softly diffused light and allows to prevent eyestrain. The LEDs of the lamp do not flicker when they are turned on. This is a great solution for students and school kids who have to sit through long hours of studying at home or in a library, as the lamp will provide with a bright visibility with no flickering or flashes. Its color temperature varies from 2700K to 6500K. 

What else can we say about this marvelous lamp? It features 5 levels of brightness and up to 25 different modes of lighting, which make it suitable for any needs imagined, for example, reading, relaxing, studying, and bedtime. The LEDs of this lamp produce a minimum level of heat and consume less energy. In such a way, you don’t need to worry about your furniture and your working area getting hot and your monthly bills shocking you.

Would you want to own such a lamp?

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