Xiaomi Yi Accessories for More Adventures

Do you want to get the most interesting angle for photos and video with your Xiaomi Yi Action Camera? With this review you will find out which accessories fit the best for your aim.

Original Xiaomi Yi Accessories

Underwater Case

It seems the most popular item for the action camera at all. The underwater case is not included. But you can choose the best case that is available in other review.

Remote Control

You shouldn’t use your smartphone all the time to make the best selfie. You only need a Xiaomi remote control for your Yi Action Camera. It is connected via Bluetooth beginning with firmware 1.1.0 and above. It is comfortable and easy to use. The can switch the photo and video mode, start recording to take a picture.

Floating Grip

The previous remote control monopod isn’t waterproof, so Xiaomi presented the floating grip for those who like adventures on the sea or to make a photos and video near the water or in the swimming pool. So you shouldn’t be afraid to lose it.

Battery and Charger

You have a lot of activities and there is no enough power for your camera. We highly recommend you an extra battery. Double chargers are also available to charge.

Yi Camera Case

It’s just a case, but be very attentively while choosing it, because many of them fits, but sometimes they have a different size.Our other review can help you.

Hand Mount

You can place your camera on a wrist and your hands stay free. It is an interesting angle. So you can do many activities like swimming or cycling without any worries about a shooting process. The original case is made with neoprene, so you can use it in the water. The mount turns for 360o. So you can turn a camera to film your emotions.

Handlebar Mount

The original Xiaomi handlebar has a 360o rotate-able head. And it’s a great plus, because the 3rd parties’ products don’t have this amazing function.

Chest Strap

It’s a great tool to take a good landscapes and person shots, it’s steady and doesn’t shake as a hand mount. The original Yi chest strap is also made of neoprene so you can use it in a swimming pool and while doing a watersports.

Head Strap

It’s also great for first person POV. Your hands stay free and you can shoot amazing sports video.

Back Doors

You can order an extra door for USB, HDMI and micro SD card is very likely to get lost at some point.

3rd parties Accessories

These aren’t original Xiaomi accessories, but fits for your Xiaomi Yi Action Camera well.

LCD Display Backpack and Battery Backpack

Usualy you don’t want to use your smartphone to check a frame, so now you can use a LCD Display backpack to more convenient presets before shooting. The battery backpack gives you a double time of camera non-stop work. Read more about the abilities in this review.

Silicon Soft Rubber case

Use it for more protection for your camera. It helps to keep your camera clean and also it is good to use it when it’s raining.

Aluminum Housing

It has a GoPro adapter in the bottom and gives an additional protection for your camera. It uses the notch next to the thread for more stability. In addition there is a thread for an UV filter. There is also a clod shoe for accessories such as LED light or optical viewfinder.


FPV — A/V out cable

There is a cable to transmit the video signal if you want to use a camera for FPV.


You can choose the best filter for your conditions: ND, Polarizing or UV to make absolutely new effects for your photos and video.

¼" GoPro Adapter

This amazing adapter helps to discover more available mounts of SJcam or GoPro. Get new abilities with this adapter. Also it gives more stability.


Finally there are Gimbals available for the Xiaomi Yi camera.

Replacement Lens

You replace your lens in case when yours broken.

360o Video Cage

You can create incredible 360o videos which you can turn around while watching on YouTube. Stay tuned to get more information about these videos soon.


Xiaomi components doesn’t include socket adapter, so might want to get the BlitzWolf USB Charger with 5 volt and 2 amps for each port.

Basic Mount

The basic mounts for every action camera to create more amazing photos and video with your Xiaomi Yi Action Camera.

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