Xiaomi YI Application for Apple Watch

Good news for every iPhone owner. The YI Action Camera latest update was complemented with conjugation to Apple production. So, you can install YI Action Camera App on your iOS devices, even on Apple Watch.

The application install automatically after you have pared your smartphone with Apple Watch. So, you have to conjugate YI Action Camera with your iPhone and the Apple Watch will immediately detect the camera on its own.

There is a Live Preview in analogue App for GoPro. But this Yi Action Camera App version hasn’t got one. Maybe it will be available with next updates. You have to connect your iOS device via wifi to the camera and after the watch connect your smartphone with Bluetooth automatically. After all connection processes are finished there will be available settings:

Currently Available settings:

  1. When you want to connect your Apple Watch and iPhone the first screen is shown.
  2. Next you will see the recording button, named “Video”. It depends on which mode Camera started.
  3. Push and hold the button to select between photo and video modes.
  4. Then you will find the sub menu, where you can chose the mode you need:
  1. For Photo Sub Menu: Single Photo, Timer, Time-Lapse and Burst
  2. For Video Sub Menu: Video or Video Time-Lapse in Video mode.

YI Action Camera App is a nice feature to use for your Apple Watch as a remote controller when it’s not easy to use your iPhone in different situations. Especially if haven’t got a Yi remote the Apple Watch App is right for you! Stay tuned for more features from Xiaomi Yi Action Camera for you iPhone and other iOS devices.


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