Xiaomi Yi Underwater Cases

There are many different cases are available for Xiaomi Yi Action Camera. But how to choose which is the best to make clear photos and video? Let’s find out.

The Original Case for Xiaomi Yi Action Camera

The first edition of the original Xiaomi underwater case had few drawbacks. So Xiaomi released a new more qualitative version:

“Yi See Different” — the cap says.

  • 40 m waterproof, IP68 protection class
  • ¼" thread mount
  • Great design common with a camera

Old vs New Cases

New version.

Both versions have a white cap, which covers all the top section with holes for a buttons. The first case had a white plastic buttons (some users said they break easily), so the newest has aluminum buttons. There is a good and easy locking mechanism and there are no any gaps between door and case. The window has no problem with vignette in the newest version of the case.

Remark: this camera’s lens is shifted a little to the right and shows vignette in a photo with a lens rectification turned off.

Old version.

It has got the best locking mechanism and a cap design. Using is very convenient. Quality of the construction is great. And the vignette isn’t big, so it gives a charming effect.

Matthias: “....good quality, case covers the camera perfectly and fits great, buttons are comfortable and easy to press the same as the closing mechanism, design passes well too.

Rome: “Even a small vignette doesn’t matter, because it is the most qualitative case.”

The 60m case

This is the only model of underwater case which is 60m waterproof. And it’s absolutely advantage. It has a black cap. Also it has light red shade.

elProducente: "It seems a very good case. There are no gaps between a case and a door. It has a small vignette. But the mechanism isn’t very good. The cap is free if you do not watch out at the opening, but it is very tight while interception.


Matthias: "The plusses no vignette, good quality of the plastic, it’s easy to press the buttons. But the wifi button doesn’t fit as well. And the closing buckle gets off very easy. I think this case takes the second place after the original Xiaomi Yi underwater case.

The “pre-order” case

Many people thought that it’s an original case for Xiaomi, but it’s not. This model has cyan cap and a metal button. It fits well and cover all the top section with holes for buttons (alike the original). And there is also a quick connector.

elProducente: "The camera fits well, but it’s hard to get it out after you put it into the case. The cap easily detaches from the metal bar which is annoying. Also there is a large gap, which surely should be tighter. The vignette is big and it’s stronger on the right side of the photo.


Lucas:( lens rectification turned off)

The KingMa case

Kingma is the company that resented the first available battery for Xiaomi Yi camera. And you can find a logo on the cases’s cap. It is also 40 m waterproof, but there is great difference at the lens, because the housing is square. You won’t find any hole for a trigger button and the part of the cap is hollow. Also it has 3 colors of a cap: green, white and black.

Rome: “Also there is a model that looks like Kingma case, but it hasn’t a logo on a cap (the second from left side).”


The “rounded” case

This model is 40m waterproof and it’s rounded toward a front. The cup covers the top and also has a hole for a trigger button. You can find it with black, green and white colors of the cap and housing.


The best decision for your Xiaomi Yi Action Camera is the original case. The main advantages are the design, good mechanism and cap, the smallest vignette and it fits absolutely well. The second place takes the 60m waterproof case. It’s also has a very good quality and small vignette. On the downside, the cap may get loose, but that’s not a big deal. The “pre-order” has a pretty poor quality and a gap between case and door. And vignette is hard. The Kingma case also has a big vignette and there is no hole for a trigger button. And there is no test of “rounded” model, but the housing seems very tight, so stay tuned to see the last results and choose the best case for your Xiaomi Yi Action Camera for more impressions.

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