Xiaomi's App-Controlled Mi IH Rice Cooker 2 Is Not Just for Rice

What would you do in the following situation: you want to make some rice, however, you forget how much water to pour into the cooking pot, when to add salt or how mix in butter? You probably would say “I wish I could scan the barcode of the rice bag and have a machine to synchronize it with to cook tasty rice”. Xiaomi heard your thoughts and launched Mi IH Rice Cooker 2.

Back in March Xiaomi released its first intelligent rice cooker. An upgraded model got a white polycarbonate housing and LED-display on the lid, showing information about the cooking process. Mi IH Rice Cooker 2 is not a narrow-minded kitchen gadget, despite its name. It is convenient to cook many other dishes.

Xiaomi collaborated with Japan Daikin to incorporate a refractory non-stick bowl into the cooker. The bowl is loaded into the cooker leaving a 3 mm gap between the sides. Such separation keeps the heat inside and prevents housing from getting hot during operation. An electromagnetic heating system allows cooking food thoroughly, evenly and fast.

Rice for China is a way of life. That is why Xiaomi has prepared a lot of interesting features for cooking this well-known seed. Mi IH Rice Cooker 2 can recognize hundreds of types of rice and knows more than 3000 techniques of how to cook it. Make it soft, crumbly, use it for sushi or strew it with meat and get a different flavor every time.

Basic cooking regimes can be set via an accompanying MiJia app on your smartphone or selected on the LED-display.

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