Xiaomi's Crowdfunding Platform Celebrates Its 2nd Year Anniversary

Xiaomi got the crowdfunding platform ball rolling on July, 13 in 2015. Today the company is the only smartphone manufacturer to host a fund-raising space with a wide spectrum of products that fall outside the gadget theme. Towels, bicycles, glasses, pens and many other everyday commodities can be seen there. No wonder that it is insanely popular in China.

But back in 2015 given the immense competition and being new to the business Xiaomi’s founders could not even imagine that their crowdfunding platform would evolve that fast. These days it submits products that manage to bit their fundraising goals way ahead of schedule. One of the record-holders for fund-raising is the Doctor B toothbrush that reached its crowdfunding goal in just one day!

The platform does not look its age, really. It has been around for only two years but has already given support to more than 100 projects. 1 386 279 (!) people have donated in the opportunity to use every next Xiaomi’s wonder-gadget. And if we recall that one of the biggest challenges of a crowdfunding platform is making people trust you, then it should be said that Xiaomi’s website does not have problems with that.

Did you know that originally the platform launched with a focus on electronics only? Later on it turned to include funding for literally anything that you could find at a supermarket. (A funny fact is a lot of people in China call the platform that way). The first product presented on the platform was a universal remote control. And recently Xiaomi has launched its 100th campaign for a very interesting product that we will unveil very soon.

These are all of the heroes working hard behind the scenes.

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