Yeelight Candela — Add Passion to Your Life

Sometimes in our life, there is not enough romance and warmth, a feeling of excitement and mystery. There is not enough charm of the old times when only candles lit up the rooms in the dark evenings.

The Yeelight, Xiaomi partner, decided to fix it with the help of its gadget Yeelight Candela.

Yeelight Candela comes in neat and quality packaging. Be careful while unpacking, because most part of the lamp body is made of glass.

This device is a modern electric candle. The central element of the Candela lamp has a mesh structure and is made of copper. 1320 holes evenly spaced throughout its oval body allow the lamp to shine brightly, but not abruptly, thus imitating the light of a real candle.

The transparent lamp body is made of a combination of heat-resistant polycarbonate glass and aluminum base. Beautiful, high quality and reliable!

The color temperature of the lamp is 1800K. This is what you need for a romantic dinner or a quiet conversation by candlelight.

This design provides very warm glow and really creates an atmosphere of comfort.

Overall dimensions of the Yeelight Candela are 72 mm x 192 mm.

The lamp has a built-in 2100 mAh battery, which will be enough for 8 hours of work! The lamp is completely autonomous and it can be used not only at home but everywhere to create an atmosphere of warmth and romance in any place.

The device is charging through a regular micro-USB cable.

One of the features of the device is its smart component, which allows the gadget to synchronize with the smartphone. Yeelight Candela supports Bluetooth Mesh(BLE), which allows you to combine up to 30,000 of these lamps into a group and manage them all simultaneously from one smartphone.

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