Yeelight Moonlight Chandelier — a Celebration of Beauty and Style

Light up the night, decorate the daydream

Yeelight, the Xiaomi partner company, specializing in smart, also beautiful lighting, introduced its new Moonlight Chandelier device.

This time, the company’s specialists decided to surprise users not with another smart gadget, but with a classic, reliable and stylish chandelier. What to say, it turned out pretty well.

The designers made the main emphasis on the reliability and versatility of the chandelier. That’s why the Moonlight Chandelier is made of a 0.8 mm all-metal plate that has undergone an anti-corrosion treatment. It will be a great addition to every room in your home; it might be the living room, or the kitchen or bedroom.

It very pleasant to touch and has a stand-out but simple design.

The chandelier is designed for standard E27 bulbs. What is interesting, the accessory supports both conventional filament lamp and LED lamps.

Of course, the Moonlight Chandelier has good protection; it is equipped with an excellent three layers of insulation and every part of lamp passed 3C Certificate (also called China CCC Certification).

The weight of the chandelier is 2 kg, and its overall dimensions are 1200×670×180 mm.

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