Yeelight Partnered With Amazon to Make Its Light-Bulbs Voice-Activated

What can be more futuristic than taking control of your home lights with a help of a smartphone? Using only the sound of your voice to do that. A few years ago the house that listened to you and understood what you said we could see in a Hollywood blockbuster or a science-fiction film. Today it is a reality. And this big leap forward is much owed to Xiaomi.

Recently it was announced that one of Xiaomi partners, Yeelight, would work side by side with Amazon, to make their voice control system Alexa compatible with Yeelight light bulbs and light strips. Yeelight broke the news on its forum, the other evidence being a couple of videos showing how Amazon Echo and Amazon Echot Dot, the only devices for now supporting Yeelight lights control, were tested. IFTTT service is part of the deal also and that is something to be greatly thankful for, as the website allows to automate any app-operated device in your house, e.g. you could use IFTTT to turn on lights in your room every time you send a message. Not the most practical example, but that can be done either.

Everybody who has the aforementioned Amazon devices along with a Yeelight product can control lighting in the house by giving voice commands that are processed by Alexa. And there is much more to that just being able to turn on the lights with your voice when you are coming back home with a grocery bag in every hand. The video also displayed a possibility to change color of the light, soften the light, and ask for a “read” mode to name the few.

Something tells us this is just the beginning of the story. If both companies go long-term with this cooperation we should expect a lot of mind-blowing gizmos that bring future one step closer.

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