Yeelight Smart Cooler Set — That’s What Your Kitchen Needs

Probably this situation is familiar to many people. Just imagine, you came into the kitchen to cook the dinner. But when you cooking, the temperature turns the room into “sauna” and staying in the room feels unbearable.

The new product by Yeelight is able to solve this problem. The Ceiling Cooler Set is made according to the company’s design standards. The size of the Smart Cooler Set is 30×30 cm and it can be installed on the ceiling.

The inner element works like a centrifuge and provides fast omnidirectional absorption of hot air, as well as smoke.

The output of the cooled fresh air can be adjusted at an angle of 65-120 degrees. Two operating modes are available: normal and maximum.

The cooler is controlled using a voice assistant, an application on a smartphone and remote control. The surface is coated with an anti-oil layer, so it can be easily cleaned.

Since the Yeelight specializes in lighting, the Air Cooler can be ordered with a light panel. It consists of 162 light bulbs with adjustable brightness.

The Smart Air Cooler and Light Panel perfectly complement each other and fit the interior of different kitchens.

This model is a good alternative to air conditioning and a great option for small rooms.

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