Yes! ARCore by Google Will Become Available on Xiaomi Smartphones

VR virtual reality, AR augmented reality is the focus of today’s industry giants. ARCore 1.0 is a new version of the augmented reality SDK by Google. ARCore can bring an AR (Augmented Reality) experience to Android devices. What is more, this list of smartphones includes the Xiaomi smartphones too. So Mi-Fans will also have an opportunity to get this unbelievable experience.

ARCore by Google

It can be used to identify the environment where the user is located and to place the objects in it to provide a useful and fun experience. These digital objects behave like the real one. Let’s take a look at the Google AR Core official demo video:

The main principle of working is based on using three key technologies that help to connect the virtual content with the real world.

ARCore by Google

1. The tracking of motion allows the smartphones to understand and track their position.

2. Understanding of environment technology allows your device to detect a flat surface, like, for example, the table.

3. Light intensity estimation technology can estimate the current lighting conditions. ARCore 1.0 improves the understanding of the environment, allows the users to place virtual items on any textured surface such as posters, furniture, toy boxes, books, bottles, and so on.

Are you ready to integrate the virtual reality into your world?

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