Yi 4K Action Camera vs. GoPro Hero 4 Comparison

This year the partner company of Xiaomi, Yi Technology, has introduced the second generation of sports cameras under the name Yi 4K Action Camera. Two major features of the novelty are the presence of the display on its rear face and the ability to record video in 4K format. Yi 4K Camera turned out interesting and functional, while due to its price and performance it can compete with GoPro Hero 4.


Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Camera looks more interesting than GoPro Hero 4, also it has three different housing variants to choose from — the device is presented in black, white and pink color. The new Xiaomi camera has a slightly larger size than GoPro, and it is 7 grams heavier — the weight of Yi 4K is 95 g, while the Hero 4 weighs 88 g.

Also, an undeniable advantage of Yi 4K Action Camera is the full-color display with a diagonal of 2.19 inches at its rear face. GoPro Hero 4 supports the installation of a removable external display, which is smaller and has a poorer resolution.

  • Yi 4K Action Camera dimensions — 42×65×21mm
  • GoPro Hero 4 dimensions — 42×59×21mm


Both Action cameras have lenses with an ultra-wide f / 2. 8 aperture, but their components are different. The new solution from Xiaomi uses the more advanced chipset Ambarella A9S75, as well as the 12 megapixels Sony IMX377 camera module.

4K video recording

The average duration of 4K / 30fps video recording of GoPro Hero 4 is 1 hour 15 minutes; this rate decreases to 50 minutes when WiFi and wireless control are activated. Yi 4K Action Camera is able to continuously shoot 4K / 30fps video for 120 minutes (2 hours). GoPro Hero 4 can withstand 1 hour 50 minutes of video recording in 720p resolution at a rate of 120 frames per second (when WiFi is turned off).

Comparison of GoPro Hero 4 and Yi 4K Camera performance

The color quality of Yi 4K Action Camera is pretty high, while the frames made using GoPro Hero 4 look a bit faded and dull.

During the real test of endurance in the load mode (recording of 4K video to a memory card) Yi 4K Action Camera could operate continuously for 1 hour and 57 minutes, and the GoPro Hero 4 — only for 50 minutes.


Yi 4K Action Camera is a new word in the world of action cameras because this device is not only able to shoot the 4K video, but also does it qualitatively and continuously. The colors of video, recorded on Yi 4K Action Camera, are bright and vivid, and the duration of continuous 4K video recording on a single charge is about 2 hours.

Xiaomi has managed to beat the global brand GoPro in the battle for the sports segment of 4K cameras, since Xiaomi Yi 4K Camera offers more useful features at a lower cost: the high-quality touch screen, a reliable image stabilization, a record autonomy, as well as many other small bonuses like the connection to Apple and Android smartphones via the Yi Camera application.

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