Viomi Launched a 2-In-1 Stainless Steel Thermos

Viomi has a decent amount of experience under its belt fighting with water pollution. But outside of water filters and purifiers, the company is also known for other water-related household equipment. Recently it has designed a thermos that has the ability to keep liquids hot and cold for up to 24 hours.

The new thermos is a 460-ml container that comes in one of two colors: black and white. It measures 65 by 65 by 240 mm, which is about the size of a standard bottle. The cup is made out of stainless steel type 316 that has even higher corrosion-resistant properties than type 304, which Xiaomi uses in many of its products. Therefore the cup will serve you long enough.

The thermos offers a great insulating power when it comes to beverages. It boasts of up to 24-hour insulation no matter how high or how low the temperature inside is. From what we can see, the lid does not serve as a cup. The thermos opens and closes using a latch, which makes it easy to handle with one hand. The lid is said to be secured very well and is leak-proof. The pouring mechanism seems very convenient as well thus will dispense the liquid without worries about spilling.

The flask does not have any smart capabilities though and to some extent is your ordinary thermos. However, it provides nice insulation which is great if you plan to take it hiking with you or in the office. Upon that this is a perfect product for those who do not want their beverages to touch any plastic.

Not long ago we reviewed one of Xiaomi’s thermoses called KissKissFish CC. You can check the report here. In short, it has three attachments, including one for boiling an egg, OLED-display to tell the temperature and comes with a qualitative cotton pouch for carrying around.

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