You Can Sleep Better with This Pillow Full of Buckwheat!

Yes, you heard right, Pillow filled with buckwheat and includes buckwheat husks! Wanna know why is it right and cool? Read on!

Can you understand the pain of being sleepy but unable to sleep?

Let’s figure out what is one of the main causes of insomnia. As statistics show, one of the main problems that cause bad sleep is an inconvenient pillow. Its shape, filler, softness — all this affects the position of the head and neck, which is directly related to a healthy sleep.

If the neck is bent incorrectly, and the head lies too low, there is a load on the spine and a disruption of the normal circulation of blood. This causes a “heavy head” condition when you do not feel rested even after a long sleep.

And not to say that prolonged neck curvature can lead to quite unpleasant diseases! And all because of the seeming trivial cause — an inappropriate pillow.

Considering all this, the shape of this Pillow with buckwheat was designed according to the Japanese concept of the “golden pillow for sleep”. It consists of different segments, weighs about 2 kg and contains a filler, which includes the husks of buckwheat.

The Japanese concept

This approach to the design of the pillow and the choice of this particular filler made it possible to achieve the balance necessary for a good sleep between softness, elasticity, and hardness.

And in order to ensure even reliability, the pillow is equipped with an antibacterial layer produced by the world-famous giant DuPont, and its cover repels moisture.

The 21st century is a time of innovation and non-standard solutions! Not only the fluff and the feather rule the ball in pillow fillers! It’s time for new, innovative solutions in classical things!

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