You Cannot Underestimate Chopsticks

Just imagine that one-third of the world’s population eats with chopsticks. Sushi rolls, ramen, and dumplings are traditionally consumed with a help of these ancient Asian implements. In Asia chopsticks come as a much more functional tool and people use them not only to grasp the right bite of sushi but also to cook and even to put hair up (if we talk about women). 

Being such a relevant and much-appreciated product in the world, chopsticks could not pass unnoticed by Xiaomi. The company already sells a dizzying array of lifestyle items like shoes, underwear, and toothbrushes, which, frankly speaking, were quite unpredictable moves. A recent product is something more than expected as well. Now the fans of the brand have the opportunity to enjoy their meal as much as they enjoy using Mi smartphones. And you probably already guessed what kind of a bush we are beating around here.

As far as materials are concerned, Xiaomi did not want to use any steel or plastic in its chopsticks, since both materials are not heat-safe. Instead, the company opted for natural wood as the most traditional, the most health-friendly and the most aesthetically pleasing. So the chopsticks come in three varieties, i.e. made out of three different types of wood: yellow sandalwood, wenge, and mahogany. Xiaomi also claims they are not treated with wax or paint and so not a single harmful particle will leach into your food.

The chopsticks are 25 cm long. They feature a square profile with slightly rounded edges that will prevent them from rolling off the table. They also provide a comfortable grip and feel nice to touch thanks to the polishing of the wood.

The chopsticks come in a 10-piece set. You can keep them all to yourself or share with family and friends. They are reusable and can be washed with warm water and by no means with hot water. Bear in mind, that their service life, as with all wooden chopsticks, is around three month. Thus even if they look very good, you should replace them as their sanitary condition degrades over time. Compared to other materials wood is the aptest to absorbing odors and various foods it comes in contact with.

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